Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Remember that banner project?

Last Friday, while I was working on about a thousand other things for my baby girl's nursery, those vintage travel souvenier pennants I got on ebay arrived for my son's room! I had intended to sew them to fabric to make a banner, but they came with tabs that I could just tie onto whatever. I also didn't realized how many of them there would be, and in varying sizes too! I decided to do some big ones over the curtains and a small banner for the front of his crib. I think they really added a lot! I still have a few projects I want to finish for his room, but I wanted to share how this turned out. Let me know what you think! I'll do a more detailed post of Shiloh's vintage travel room later when it's closer to completed. Enjoy! PS~That adorable little guy peeking out of his crib is our Shiloh!

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