Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This headband is beyond beautiful! It is perfectly layered with feathers, tulle, and chiffon rosettes and complimented with a coordinating velvet petite bow and sequin detail. This is perfect special occassion, upcoming holiday photos or for additional glamour for her sunday best.

Many color combos  will be available!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trash to Treasure

I've been MIA for the Summer, we have been BUSY and had a lot of fun along the way.  Over the next few weeks, I'll try to catch you up on all of our adventures.

By now you probably know that I love a good DIY project, so when I found this chair next to the trash in our neighborhood I had to give it a shot at new life.

Here is the HIDEOUS before pic.  Can you even believe how ugly this is?!!?

With a bit of elbow grease, paint and some time at the sewing machine.....TADA!  Here's the after, a cute chair to coordinate with my sweet girl's nursery.  A great place to cuddle and read books.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: A look for less

I am constantly inspired by REALLY expensive things.  I don't know why, perhaps the quality is better and I gravitate toward it.  At any rate, one of my favorite things to do is create a look for less!  I happened on this particular one by total accident.  One night a few weeks ago I was shopping in Target when I see this GORGEOUS crib bedding, in the encap sale pile no less......gasp.  I thought it must have been some sort of mistake, I had never seen it in the store before.  The crib bumper was $11.76, the skirt was $7.96 and the crib sheets (one in each pattern) were $3.36.   Huh?  I put it in the cart and nearly took out three people in my rush to get out of the store before someone could take it away.   Only kidding, well maybe not really.  Once I got home I looked it up on line and they still sell it, it's called Bananfish Lily, not on sale or clearance yet.  I'm thinking someone must have bought the whole set and then decided to return it and the store wasn't sure what to do with it.  At any rate, it's a gorgeous option to some really expensive designer bedding by Serena and Lily.  Target's price for such beautiful decadance?  $14.99-49.99 (a whole lot more than what I paid, but a great price!) as opposed to the designer option at $449-489!

My angel in her fabulous new bedding!

Serena and Lily Lucy $489

Serena and Lily Kate $449
 Bananfish Lily $14.99-49.99

LOVE it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

What Five Bucks Will Get You

You might not know this about me yet, but I have a secret obsession with paint.  I've brought home so many devastatingly, ugly pieces.  When we first got married, I'm sure my husband thought I was loony.  He's used to it now.  My latest find came to me last weekend when I was at a rummage sale.  She was a really ugly old mirror, but I thought how can I let that poor thing go on living like that?  So, I:

1.  Removed her frame.
2.  Took her outside and sprayed the living daylights out of her.
3.  Replaced the mirror with an old cork board I had lying around.  (Not really sure where it came from or why I had it :)

TaDa.  Please excuse the hideous pics, it rained the whole week when I did this project.  She is a beautiful cork board now.  I'm not sure if I'll leave her white or not.  You know, I really am obsessed with painting and repainting.  That's probably another post, maybe I should form some sort of support group.  Anyway, I wanted to share her with you.  If you know where I can get some really fab push pins on the cheap, please let me know.

Happy Monday!

After....maybe she would look better black.....or turquoise.  Anyway, she's much prettier now!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inspiration for a "BIG BOY" room.

Drummer Boy

Serena and Lily

RH Baby and Child

Serena and Lily

Lately, I've been looking for ideas to change things up  for Mr. Monkeypants.  I loved his vintage travel nursery and I picked that theme at the time because I thought it would last him a long time.  It would if he was your average two year old.  He's funny as far as two year olds go.  He has a definite opinion about things and he LOVES music.  Of course, all children like music but he is OBSESSED.  It would probably be a whole other post to tell you all about that.  To give you an idea, I was looking at a music book with him the other day and thinking I would throw him off I pointed at a picture.  "Do you know what that is Shiloh?"  "It's a french horn Mommy!"  Of course it was.  Needless to say, we are looking for some music things for his room decor.  Not as easy of a task as you might think.  Most of the music related decor I've found is more geared for a tween.  Think Rock.  Not what I want for my two year old.  So, I've decided to go with a classic pale blue, chocolate brown and white color scheme for his room.  I can't paint or anything in this horrid rental, but that's a whole other rant, post.  However, I've had great sucess finding vintage children's records I'm not even sure if I'll use them all, but they are CUTE!!!!!!!!  Above are some pics of our inspiration.  Of course, the ispiration items are all over-the-top expensive so we'll have to see what cheap alternatives I can come up with.  Enjoy, and if you have any other ideas, feel free to share!


Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, after going back and forth on the name of the etsy shop, I decided I just really wanted something different. For those of you who have visited the shop, you know I am trying to offer home decor items as well as baby and child items. You can now visit the shop at

Currently we are offering home decor items, and neckties for the little men in your life. I have hair accessories (or just head accessories if your little lady is bald like mine :) for girls of all ages that will be added to the store soon. Take a look and keep your eyes peeled for a give away soon!

Happy Monday!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Gigi's "Sweet One" Birthday Party

Here are some pictures of Gigi's first birthday party. My theme was "Sweet One", so there was candy and sweet stuff everywhere! It was very colorful and fun. We had mini gumball machines for favors on the candy buffet table with tags that read "thank you for making my birthday sweet!" Some other special touches included giant lollipops made out of tissue decorations and dowel rods that adorned the entryway as well as the sides of the dessert table. We used candy bracelets as napkin rings and played "pin the lollipop on the stick" to carry the theme further. I made Miss Gigi a onesie adorned with a cupcake for the occasion. Hope you enjoy, feel free to ask questions!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm alive!

It has been forever since I took the time to sit down and write. I don't know why exactly. Perhaps it's because the last year and a half has been such a transition for us. We moved to Florida, had a new baby girl, moved back to Illinois and started travelling. Sometimes, I feel breathless just thinking about it. It has been a journey, one that despite all the ups and downs I would not trade. It has given me closure on some things and some very definite direction on others. Is there anything better than clear direction? I don't think so.

On a lighter note, we enjoyed a great Easter last weekend with some friends and only yesterday had Miss Gigi's first birthday party. More to come this week on all that. There WILL be pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I hope you enjoy the sunshine and the fresh Spring air today, and remember to enjoy your journey!