Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration for a "BIG GIRL" room!!!!

I've gone back and forth on what I've wanted to do for our little princess' room for several months, and while it will still be a few before it all comes together, I finally have it all together in my mind.  I love it when that happens, because then I feel like I can pull it off!  I'm so excited!  I know I haven't even revealed the little mister's room with you yet (just a few more projects....I promise....cross my heart!) but I thought I would at least share the overall plan with you.

The wall color:


I know it's a little unexpected for a girl's room, but mixed with pink and some metallic...beautiful!

I have found some beautiful fabric options for accents in the room such as throw pillows, roman shades, etc.......

Love Bird Damask Fabric  500x500 image

Soooo pretty!

Love Birds Fabric by the Yard  500x500 image

Sweet lil love birds!

Pink Circles Fabric | Carousel Designs  500x500 image

Something geometric to mix things up a bit...

Or perhaps a mix of the above....

There are some really cute options out there!!!!!

Now on to the windows....We have these drapes from Target's Simply Shabby Chic line:

Simply Shabby Chic® Pleat...

Lovely soft pink!!!

I would like to layer the windows with roman shades as well which I will make out of one of those fabulous fabrics above.

Now, on to the bedding options......

I love layered looks and the same goes for the bed.  I would love to do a pink quilt with her monogram on it, similar to this:


Then I would like to add a lovely duvet to the end of the bed.....


Or maybe this one.....

I would like to add a painted armoire and since the walls will be aqua, I'm thinking pale pink!

Something vintagey painted pale pink.....

Tulle pom poms.....LOTS OF THEM!

Vintage Barbie Prints....we actually already have these....just need to get them framed.

So that's our loose plan!  I'll keep you posted as it comes together!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweeping Feathers And A Rocking Horse Make-Over

Have you ever tried to sweep up feathers?  So not an easy task!  Think.....nailing jell-o to a wall, it's tricky.  But, that's what I'll be doing for a while, probably until next Friday or so.  It doesn't matter though, because it was SO WORTH IT!!! 

It all started a few weeks ago when my sweet baby girl became obsessed with these American Girl horses that are in her Sunday School room.  She loves them, runs right to them nearly every service and doesn't want to leave them.  Then, we were at a friends home for a birthday party and I found myself repeatedly putting her up on the rocking horse (per her request).  I told my husband on the way home we should probably try to find her a rocking horse.  Lo and behold I found one at Goodwill just a few hours later.  It was only $4.99 so I overlooked the fact that she needed some work and threw her in the cart.  I nearly took out a few people with that horse sticking out of my cart but we managed. 

Without further ado, behold....the before:

Pretty, well, let's call it "well-loved"!

I had to pry out the old mane.  That was a CHORE!

My fingers will probably be sore for a week.

Once I got her all ready, I went to town.

Two hours .........

and nearly four cans of paint later..........

A rocking horse fit for a princess!

Can't wait for her to wake up so she can try it out!!!!

See the darling little feather boa mane and tail?  Yep, you guessed it......A HOT Mess!  But so fun and I just know my sweet girl will love it!

I have a few more projects I'll be sharing this week as well as some inspiration pics for the baby girl's "big girl room make-over".

Have a great Monday!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pillow Talk

I love pillows.  Truthfully, I love accessories of any kind.  Pillows, mirrors (nothing beats the beauty of a great mirror!), shoes, handbags.  It doesn't really matter if it's for your home or your wardrobe, accessories really pull a look together.  I'm noticing a bit of a trend in pillows with the mixing of a lot colors and textures, and while I'm usually drawn to symmetry, I'm really loving the look! 

 Here are a few examples:

LOVE so many things about that room!!!

Decorative Designer Lumbar Pillow Cover 16X20 - IKAT PRINT- Chocolate Brown and aqua on natural background

via: etsy

Decorative Designer Pillow cover - 20X20 - Thomas Paul by Duralee - "Blossom" Abstract Floral in Indigo

via:  etsy

NEW Decorative Designer  Pillow Cover - 18X18 - Vervain - IKAT print in black, grey and mustard

via:  etsy (NEED these for my living room!!!)

Decorative Designer Pillow Cover - 20X20 - Trina Turk for Schumacher - Tangier Frame Print in Driftwood

via:  etsy (GORGEOUS!!!!)

There you have it.  You don't need a matching set of pillows to pull a look together.  Mix it up with colors and prints you love!

Monday, June 13, 2011

More Thrifty Treasures!!!!

I know, I's getting ridiculous all of this thrifting!  When you keep finding great stuff (brand new stuff at that), it's hard to say no.  So the other day, I was at GW.  When I stumbled on these little pretties:

Kind of hard to see, but they are tall glasses with fleur de lis and hobnail raised detail.  A beautiful irridescent!!  I'm not sure where they came from, but they still had tags on each of them.  They were priced at $7.99 a piece and I got them for .99!

That is one more fabulous find!

Here's another shot!

You can see the detail in this one a bit better......

One more fabulous find!

Are you inspired yet?

Go get your thrift on!!!

Check out these other great thrift store finds here:


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SNEAK PEAK....Shiloh's Big Boy Room

If you check in here once in a while you know that we've recently moved and we're updating Shiloh's room.  It's really funny, because after all the choices I gave him, he picked what he had in his nursery.  I thought he had no way of remembering what was in the nursery because it's been in storage for nearly two years.  Apparently, I was wrong.....the other day he asked me if I remembered his "circle crib" (he had a round crib) so, evidently, he does indeed remember elements of it.  Smarty pants :)

Really, his room is almost done, just a few more projects to go.  I LOVE the way it's turning out and he loves it, which makes it even better!  Here's a sneak peak of the room.  I made the headboard last Friday night. I need a stronger staple gun, so it was trickier than it should have been. 

Love the texture of the headboard fabric!!!

Sock monkey chillaxin' :)

Wreath map I made from a travel sized atlas from the dollar store, it is a vintage travel theme after all!  Just one of the MANY things I made for this room.
I actually saw the idea on another blog but I can't remember which one.  I'll try to track it down and share it with you.

That's a little sneak peak.  I'm hoping to wrap it all up in the next few weeks so I can show you the whole thing.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Bit Of Progress In The Dining Room

I made a small bit of progress in the dining room.....REALLY small.  Progress is still an accomplishment however and I'm happy with the little bit of headway.  I recovered our bench in one of the fabrics I showed you the other day and I LOVE the way it turned out!  Such a small thing, but it made a big difference.

This is the "before" pic of the bench:

Kind of blah.....

Pay no attention to that toy in the background.

That's how we roll around here.

Here's the after.

Isn't it better!!!!!?

Did you notice the water pitcher I scored at Goodwill with those big, beautiful peonies?
Still love it, so pretty!

Here's another of the bench.

So much better!  Except now, I think I'll paint the frame/legs black so they pop more against that fabric.  Because, you know, I don't have enough projects on the list ;)

In other news, I stayed up late last night making the little Mr. a headboard.  I'm a workin' machine!!  I'm nearing the end of projects for his room, just a few more to go and then I'll be DONE.....with that room anyway.  I'll try to remember to share the headboard saga soon and give you a sneak peak of his room.

Have a blessed weekend all!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dining Room Idea Round-Up

For the last few weeks, I've been trying to come up with ideas for each room in the home we just moved into.  The dining room started to take shape in my mind.  I found a lot of inspiration in this dining room:

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!?!  It's Emily's dining room over at
You should go over and check it out.  Her home tour is amazing!!  I love this room.  Maybe it's the control freak in me, but I LOVE all the symmetry.  Isn't it just the perfect mix?  Her whole house is this perfect, go check it out, you will be amazed! 

At any rate, the furniture I'm working with is actually very similar to the furniture in this room.  I have a black table , which is one of my favorite things, that we bought last year around Christmas with the Christmas money we got from my sweetheart's parents.

Isn't she pretty?

In addition to the table, I have a bench we use for seating and cane back chairs (which are still in storage, but hopefully will arrive in the next month or so).

I want to paint the walls a soft gray.  A nice neutral for all the fun fabric I want in the room.

Here are the fabulous fabrics......

I've ADORED this fabric for a while.  It's sophisticated without being too stuffy or serious.

I like this one so well, I think it will probably show up in a different color in another room!

Remember this picture?

Of course you do!  The campaign dresser I scored at Goodwill last month (for $6.99!!!) will be painted one of the shades of purple in the first fabric or that lovely yellow.....still trying to decide.  Any thoughts?

I have a lovely black venetian style mirror in storage that would look great over the dresser, but I'm really liking this one as well:

Sooooo pretty!

Still trying to decide on wall art.  I love the botanicals that Emily used in her dining room!  Still on the lookout for something.......

That's the dining room plan!

Happy decorating!