Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration for a "BIG GIRL" room!!!!

I've gone back and forth on what I've wanted to do for our little princess' room for several months, and while it will still be a few before it all comes together, I finally have it all together in my mind.  I love it when that happens, because then I feel like I can pull it off!  I'm so excited!  I know I haven't even revealed the little mister's room with you yet (just a few more projects....I promise....cross my heart!) but I thought I would at least share the overall plan with you.

The wall color:


I know it's a little unexpected for a girl's room, but mixed with pink and some metallic...beautiful!

I have found some beautiful fabric options for accents in the room such as throw pillows, roman shades, etc.......

Love Bird Damask Fabric  500x500 image

Soooo pretty!

Love Birds Fabric by the Yard  500x500 image

Sweet lil love birds!

Pink Circles Fabric | Carousel Designs  500x500 image

Something geometric to mix things up a bit...

Or perhaps a mix of the above....

There are some really cute options out there!!!!!

Now on to the windows....We have these drapes from Target's Simply Shabby Chic line:

Simply Shabby Chic® Pleat...

Lovely soft pink!!!

I would like to layer the windows with roman shades as well which I will make out of one of those fabulous fabrics above.

Now, on to the bedding options......

I love layered looks and the same goes for the bed.  I would love to do a pink quilt with her monogram on it, similar to this:


Then I would like to add a lovely duvet to the end of the bed.....


Or maybe this one.....

I would like to add a painted armoire and since the walls will be aqua, I'm thinking pale pink!

Something vintagey painted pale pink.....

Tulle pom poms.....LOTS OF THEM!

Vintage Barbie Prints....we actually already have these....just need to get them framed.

So that's our loose plan!  I'll keep you posted as it comes together!


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  1. Love the inspiration board you're putting together. I am also doing an aqua/pink girl's room. Can you post the source for that first damask fabric you posted? It's perfect. Thanks!