Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SNEAK PEAK....Shiloh's Big Boy Room

If you check in here once in a while you know that we've recently moved and we're updating Shiloh's room.  It's really funny, because after all the choices I gave him, he picked what he had in his nursery.  I thought he had no way of remembering what was in the nursery because it's been in storage for nearly two years.  Apparently, I was wrong.....the other day he asked me if I remembered his "circle crib" (he had a round crib) so, evidently, he does indeed remember elements of it.  Smarty pants :)

Really, his room is almost done, just a few more projects to go.  I LOVE the way it's turning out and he loves it, which makes it even better!  Here's a sneak peak of the room.  I made the headboard last Friday night. I need a stronger staple gun, so it was trickier than it should have been. 

Love the texture of the headboard fabric!!!

Sock monkey chillaxin' :)

Wreath map I made from a travel sized atlas from the dollar store, it is a vintage travel theme after all!  Just one of the MANY things I made for this room.
I actually saw the idea on another blog but I can't remember which one.  I'll try to track it down and share it with you.

That's a little sneak peak.  I'm hoping to wrap it all up in the next few weeks so I can show you the whole thing.


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