Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Easter Decor

I can't believe I left this out on my earlier easter post, but a few weeks ago I listed a new set of vintage bunny towels on my etsy site. Here are a few pictures, hope you like!

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  1. I just love vintage ephemera! In answer to your question, I have a brick and mortar shop...its website is under construction. I plan to add a lot more about the shop on my blog. I carry everything from beautiful baby items (Bunnies by the Bay, Michel, Baby Cie, etc..) to pretty new and vintage dishes, gourmet goodies, flea markety home decor, and more. I provide custom gift basket and gift wrapping services, as well. I love it! My shop is tiny, so we recently rescued and moved a 1919 Craftsman Bungalow to fully restore and use as my new shop. I plan to post pictures of that project on my blog as well. I'd better get to work! How is your nursery coming along?