Friday, May 6, 2011

Master Bedroom Ideas

I'm in a bit of a decorating frenzy and for the last few days have been pouring over pictures on the internet looking for inspiration for our Master Bedroom.  I think I've got it!!!  Here's what's moving me so far......

THIS BEDROOM.  I stumbled on
Let me just say, she is seriously talented in the interior design arena. 

 I could get lost on her blog, of course, my children might never get fed, so there is that to consider.

  Here is a pic of her bedroom:

Love the soothing wall color and the sunburst mirror!  I was already planning on putting a sunburst over our's one I really like from Ballard Designs

Give me a second to compose myself and wipe the drool of my face.


This is pretty close for wall color:

Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams

On to the fabric choices.  I like mixing colors and textures with a really colorful fabric as a base so you can pull other colors in.

This is the colorful fabric I'm leaning toward:

P. Kaufman

with a little chevron

Hello lovely!

A pop of green somewhere.......

or maybe this one

I'll just order swatches for both :)

Then a monogrammed pillow for good measure. 

Love something fun and over the top like this but with an orange monogram.

That's the start of the inspiration for our room.  It's probably going to be a long project, we'll keep posting on the progress......

Have a great weekend!


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